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Which Valco Melton Hot Melt Tank is Best For My Business?


Which Valco Melton Hot Melt Tank is Best For My Business


All over the world, packaging and manufacturing businesses make use of Valco Melton Hot Melt Systems (HMS) to simplify and speed up their adhesive application processes. The hot melt tank holds the adhesive at a controlled temperature and pumps it through heated hoses to the required area of application. Valco Melton hot melt tanks come in various sizes and with features to suit different applications and production environments. To help you decide on the best fit for your business, below are some of the features of Valco Melton’s D Series, and EC Series:

D Series

The Valco Melton D Series is perhaps the most versatile hot melt tank, available in various capacities from the small 4 L (D4) to the huge 180 L (D180). There are also various relief valve options for the units, ranging from the basic single-stage valves to the more complex pneumatic relief systems. Their range makes them suitable for various applications in different industries, including print finishing and converting, coating and laminating, food and product packaging, product assembly, etc. For ease of use, the D Series come with user-programmable control systems and other optional features.

Features And Benefits Of The D Series

  • The Teflon-coated adhesive tank helps reduce char build-up in the system, making it easier to clean and reducing the need and frequency of maintenance.
  • The presence of integrated over-pressure protection and independent over-temperature circuits facilitates safer operation.
  • The D Series units are made in compliance with international codes and compatible with industry-standard guns, hoses and tanks.
  • The cast-in heating elements in the adhesive tanks reduce warm-up time and improve heat transfer.
  • Other optional features include an auto-feeder system that can be retrofitted to existing units, a glue pattern control and an integrated pressure and line-speed controls.

NC Series

The Valco Melton NC Series was engineered for the packaging industry. It features an intuitive user interface, a compact adhesive dispensing unit, and it is compatible with various production machinery and adhesive types. With the NC Series units, packaging businesses enjoy superb efficiency, compatibility and precision controls, all at a low ownership cost.

Features And Benefits Of The NC Series

  • Its small size, compact unit footprint and a simple “plug and play” installation model makes it suitable even for relatively small production lines.
  • It has a robust construction which makes it less prone to damages and repairs, reducing production downtime.
  • Compatible with various adhesive types and production and finishing equipment, allowing it a wide range of applications.
  • A PID control system allows for higher precision and accuracy in temperature controls.

EC Series

The Valco Melton Evolution C (EC) series has an easy-to-program interface, intuitive controls and a low learning curve, making it adaptable to any work environment. The EC Series was designed considering the demands of current hot melt equipment users worldwide, making it one of the fastest, most efficient and most reliable machines of its kind. Some of its applications include product assembly, packaging and print/graphics finishing.

Features And Benefits Of The EC Series

  • It is available in various capacities including 4L (EC4), 8L (EC8) and 14L (EC14).
  • An intuitive LCD control panel and easy configuration for various applications.
  • The presence of a reservoir seal eliminates contaminants reducing the adhesive degradation rate.
  • The units also have easily accessible lids to facilitate quick servicing and repairs.
  • Optionally, the units could be fitted with an auto feeder kit and a casing to store the adhesive.

Next Steps

If you are still unsure which Valco Melton hot melt tank best suits your business, speak with one of our specialists today. The Adhesive Laundry are specialists in hot melt applications – supplying, servicing and maintaining the full range of Valco Melton adhesive equipment, ensuring your productivity never slows down. Feel free to contact us anytime on 01480 775810 for enquiries or assistance.

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