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The Valco Melton MS Series sets the performance benchmark for adhesive applicator guns in the packaging industry. These bead guns are designed for use with all packaging-grade adhesives, and provide a high level of control and precision, guaranteeing uniformity and quality across large production lines and various applications. The MS Series features four models of bead gun, in single module and multi module versions.

The MS Series provides exceptional value for money, with excellent reliability and adaptability, and consistently fast adhesive delivery rates.


  • Compatible with most hot melt systems
  • Easy access heaters
  • Universal mounting brackets make the MS Series compatible with all in-line filter assemblies
  • Standard and washdown cord set versions available
  • Compatible with all industry-standard connectors
  • Large range of modules and nozzles
  • Three choices of SF inline filter: 180°, 45°, 90°

Models in series

  • MS Standard bead
  • MS CVO & CVR
  • MS CH20 & fast flow
  • MS L20 (multiline)


Packaging, box and carton assembly

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Valco Melton MS Series bead guns are among the most cost-effective and productive units of their class. To order through The Adhesive Laundry, please call 01480 869220 today, or fill out our sales enquiry form below.

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