Hot Melt Adhesive Application and Service Specialists

About The Adhesive Laundry

Degraded hot melt adhesive in gluing systems has been a constant nuisance for both engineering and production departments for many years.

Having spent six years selling hot melt adhesive, witnessing all of the problems associated with degraded material and the various methods used to try and clean contaminated components, Ian Chitty was convinced that there was a need for a company specialising in solving degraded adhesive problems. In response to this The Adhesive Laundry was founded by Ian in 1992.

An ever expanding customer base is confirmation that this service is not only required but also that it works.

The Adhesive Laundry operates from Bicton Industrial Estate in Kimbolton, Cambridgeshire. Along with Ian, the companies team of trained engineers with over 80 years of experience in the hot melt adhesive industry, are available on hand 24/7, to offer tailored consultation on what course of action is required to ensure efficient and clean running of all hot melt applicator systems, as well advice on low-cost and appropriate adhesive for the customers line of work.

The company grew rapidly and still does to this day, which consequently led to interest from external conglomerates. Now working in collaboration with the US company Valco-Melton, The Adhesive Laundry is a distributorship for their Hot Melt dispensing equipment and spare parts.

In addition to the comprehensive range of spare parts, The Adhesive Laundry also offers cleaning and rebuilding services in its already extensive service portfolio, giving the customers an honest, cost effective ‘one stop shop’ for all adhesive application requirements.

We hope this gives an informative overview of what The Adhesive Laundry can offer every client and look forward to discussing these further with you.