Hot Melt Nozzles


At Adhesive Laundry, we provide all the nozzles you need to maximise the functionality of your adhesive equipment, and to enable fast changeovers and repairs. Each nozzle is a certified genuine Valco Melton component, compatible with all Valco Melton machines, as well as other OEM equipment. Nozzles are available for use with hot melt, for bead, and spray applications.

Product categories include:

  • Single orifice straight nozzles – for use with the Valco Melton ME, MS and LP Series. Nozzle orifice sizes from 8 – 40 thou
  • Multiple orifice nozzles – nozzles with 2 to 6 exit points designed for the M-200 and other compatible series. All sizes and angles of spread available
  • 90° Nozzle – a 90° nozzle with one, two, or three exit points, compatible with Valco Melton LP, MS and ME series applicators.
  • Spray Nozzles – available in both disc and nut style or one piece

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Our extensive stock includes manufacturer-approved nozzles for a wide variety of glue guns and applicators. To order spare parts, or to request a free quote, please fill out our enquiry form below. With 30 years’ experience as a business, our team are happy to advise you on the best and most cost-effective parts for your application.

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