Hand Guns A4/ A4S

  • A4 Manual Gun
  • A4 Manual Adhesive Gun


At The Adhesive Laundry, we stock a selection of robust hand held glue guns from Valco Melton, suitable for packaging, woodwork, automotive manufacturing, product building, and furniture assembly. Hand held glue guns are flexible and adaptable to a range of projects, including small volume production, one-off jobs and detailed on-site work, as well as repairs/reworking.

With a light weight and a small footprint, our handgun range have a straightforward design with minimal moving parts – for optimum efficiency, fewer repairs, and less downtime.

Our Valco Melton hand-held applicator guns are compatible with hot melt glue extrusion, as well as spray.

Other information

Our hand guns and other hot melt equipment can be purchased through The Adhesive Laundry by calling 01480 869220, or by using our sales enquiry form below. We stock a range of high quality equipment at competitive prices, and also offer breakdown cover, cleaning and inspections, and spare parts.

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