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  • EcoStitch Series Part
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The revolutionary Valco Melton EcoStitch high-speed, hot melt glue gun is available through The Adhesive Laundry, perfect for all applications requiring high line speeds. A brand new product, the EcoStitch is saving customers between 50% and 70% of their hot melt adhesive usage whilst improving bond strength.

This electric gun comes with an integrated filter in the manifold, and boasts compatibility with all industry-standard melt tanks and hoses. The EcoStitch has a modular design that allows quick and easy changeovers, and multiple valve configurations. The unique MX electric valve gives a cycle speed in excess of 15,000 cycles per minute – over 20 times that of a standard pneumatic valve – making the EcoStitch one of the fastest applicator gun available on the market today.

Features and advantages

  • Extreme durability over a working lifetime of up to 2 billion cycles, depending on operating conditions
  • Slot coat module and multi bead module make the EcoStitch compatible with diverse packaging applications
  • Integrated filters in the manifold
  • Quick connect coil for fast change outs between valve configurations
  • Full compatibility with all Valco Melton hot melt tanks, hoses, connectors, and accessories
  • Advanced Valco Melton Pattern Controls with panel mount or external mount
  • Superior bond integrity, with excellent fibre tear resistance
  • Unique adhesive dot pattern yields glue savings of up to 75% compared to standard bead applicators
  • Six valve configurations: standard in line, compact, folding carton assembly, low-profile, mixed/multi module application, washdown configuration

Industry applications

  1. Food and drink packaging
  2. Dairies
  3. Folding cartons
  4. Slot coat applications
  5. Sift proof packaging

Purchase information

All our electric guns range can be purchased directly by calling 01480 869220, or by sending a request through our enquiries form below. In addition to supply, we provide training, cleaning and rebuilding, spare parts and ongoing maintenance.

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