D Series

  • D16 Adhesive Machine
  • D10 Adhesive Machine
  • D4, D10 & D16 Adhesive Machines


The Valco Melton D Series of gear pump hot melt units are versatile tanks designed for a range of adhesive applications in product assembly, packaging, labelling and paper converting. The series is available in 4 L (D4), 10 L (D10), and 16 L (D 16) capacity units, and comes with user-programmable control systems, and a variety of optional features.

The D series’ Teflon-coated adhesive tank makes the unit easy to clean and maintain, limiting the build-up of degraded adhesive. The efficient electric pump and motor lead to smoother operation and reduced wear and tear on dynamic seals and other components. The D series is engineered in compliance with all major international codes, and is compatible with the Valco Melton standard range of hoses, filters and glue guns.


  • LED user display
  • Variable speed or fixed speed spur gear pump
  • Electric motor and gear pump
  • Easy-connect HMI communication leads – links directly to the melter interface
  • Multi-function control system with key to line controls
  • (optional) Glue pattern control integration
  • (optional) Auto feeder system (can be retrofitted to existing units)
  • (optional) Integrated line speed and pressure controls

Applications / sectors

  • Food and product packaging
  • Product assembly
  • Print finishing/converting
  • Labelling

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