EC KUBE Series


Valco Melton has developed a new range of adhesive melters to adapt to any customer needs on the packaging industry. This new generation of energy-efficient melters optimizes the heating process and improves insulation, minimizing energy lost to the environment.

  • Its design includes different sizes and melting capacities providing the best configuration for each manufacturing process.
  • Fully compatible with our previous equipment and other market standards to allow easy replacements.
  • Low pressure pump available for processes with low adhesive grammage requirements.
  • I/O signals included as standard.
  • Ethernet communication kit option with main machine.

Additional Features:

  • Up to 8 outputs
  • Its design allows for easy electrical and hydraulic connection of peripherals (hoses,
    extensions, etc.)
  • For improved safety, an optional insulation cover is available for the manifold.

Upgrade Options

  • FlexFlow Control monitors adhesive consumption. It records the total adhesive consumption to avoid deviations and optimize the amount of adhesive needed per product.
  • Option to include the VM Connect card and connection through KubeCloud for Valco Melton to monitor the correct operation of the system by measuring various key parameters. This allows us to act proactively in providing the right maintenance, eliminating unprogrammed downtimes.

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