PUR System

  • Isomelt Series Adhesive Machine
  • Isomelt Mini Series Adhesive Machine
  • B5-22 Series Adhesive Machine


PUR Adhesive Melters ISOmelt Series

Valco Melton’s IsoMelt Mini and D4 PUR Series have been specifically designed to process reactive hot melts such as PUR. The tank can accommodate 2kg PUR standard slugs and work with up to 4 liters of adhesive. All units feature a fully integrated multi-functional controller that is accessible from a user-friendly screen, allowing for fast and easy configuration changes and providing ‘key-to-line’ capabilities.

Isomelt Mini & D4 PUR Series Features

  • Ideal for edge-banding, post-forming, bookbinding, product assembly and clear packaging.
  • No cleaning is required, which eliminates the need for weekend shutdown.
  • Swiveling tank lid allows for faster changes of PUR slugs, minimizing downtime.


Melt On Demand PUR Adhesive Melters

Valco Melton’s IsoMelt Plus Series PUR Adhesive Melters with melt on demand technology improve production efficency by eliminating adhesive degradation problems, while ensuring the high melting rate you need for the most demanding adhesive application processes.

Get these immediate benefits:

  • No need to manipulate PUR.
  • Forget unwrapping, the adhesive goes directly to the melting tank. When the cylinder presses the adhesive slug, the wrapping foil makes the tank hermetic, maintaining PUR properties without the need of using inert gas.
  • PRO version features an integrated PLC and touch screen panel.


PUR Adhesive Melter

Valco Melton’s IsoMelt Series has been specifically designed to process reactive hot melts such as PUR. Fast and easy changes to EVA or APAO without adhesive degradation are no problem. The tank can accommodate 2 PUR standard bags, so that IsoMelt units can work with up to 40 liters of adhesive and meet the high production requirements of the woodworking, PVC and aluminum industries.

  • Ideal solution for profile wrapping, edge-banding and post-forming
  • Easily removal of adhesive residue permits switching between PUR and other types of adhesive
  • High production output and production flexibility

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