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Glue Gun & Nozzle Cleaning from The Adhesive Laundry

At Adhesive Laundry, we offer a competitively priced glue gun and nozzle cleaning service, with all types and manufacturers catered for. Nozzle blockages are the most common cause of faults in guns and applicator equipment. As adhesive residues, grease and dust accumulate over time, the efficiency of the gun decreases, and increased pressure puts additional wear and tear on the machine’s components. This costs you in decreased productivity, increased risk of breakdown and unscheduled downtime.

The way to maintain efficiency and keep your running costs down is to undertake regular gun and nozzle cleaning as part of your planned preventative maintenance schedule. This saves time and money compared to simply responding to faults as they arise.

Our gun and nozzle cleaning service completely removes degraded material and compacted glue particles, restoring the equipment to full productivity. In addition, all moving parts are inspected and tested, with inefficiencies noted and potential mechanical faults flagged up at an early stage. This allows us to replace spare parts and avoid more serious problems for you down the line.

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Gun and nozzle cleaning can be carried out at our dedicated cleaning and rebuilding facility, or on-site at your premises. To find out more about extending the life of your adhesive application equipment, and to end the problem of clogged nozzles, please call 01480 869 220 today.