Hot Melt Adhesive Application and Service Specialists

Tank Cleaning & Rebuilding

The majority of degraded material in any Hot Melt system is located in the manifold. Every time that a tank filter is replaced, baked on particles are dislodged which create further blocking problems. We remove the manifold and ensure that there is no degraded material left in any of its recesses before fitting a new filter.

Along with Tanks, we also offer cleaning and rebuilding services for Pumps, Nozzles, Modules and Guns.

When we overhaul a tank we guarantee that there is no degraded material left anywhere in the system.

  • Unit is broken down to its component parts.
  • Pump is cleaned and rebuilt with new seals.
  • Manifold is removed from the tank and cleaned.
  • A new filter is added.
  • The Tank is cleaned.
  • Electronics are inspected then tested.
  • Covers are cleaned and repaired.
  • Base cleaned and re-sprayed.
  • Pressure relief valve replaced.
  • Tank is re-insulated.
  • Loan unit is available during overhaul.