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What Routine Maintenance Should You Be Carrying Out To Get The Most Out Of Your Hot Melt Gluing System?


What Routine Maintenance Should You Be Carrying Out To Get The Most Out Of Your Hot Melt Gluing System?


Correct maintenance of your hot melt gluing system is essential for optimum performance and to lengthen the lifespan of the equipment. An incomplete or untimely maintenance schedule can lead to components clogging up, causing the system to run inefficiently or to cease working altogether.

Essential Maintenance Tips For Your Hot Melt Gluing System

To keep your hot melt system operational and effective, make sure you follow these simple maintenance steps:

1. Be Proactive

In simple terms, the longer components last in your HMS, the less downtime will occur. Preventive maintenance helps to eliminate any problems before they occur, keeping your HMS in full working order, and averting any frustrating and costly periods of downtime while equipment is repaired.

Simple preventive steps can make a significant difference. For example, a nozzle that becomes clogged has a negative effect on productivity, as considerable time is lost waiting for an engineer to arrive and remedy the problem. Under a preventive maintenance schedule, the blockage could be prevented by regular cleaning of the nozzles, a proactive task that takes literally seconds, yet saves considerable time and anxiety later.

2. Replace Filters Periodically

Rather than allowing filters to deteriorate as they become clogged, timely replacement can ensure the HMS remains in efficient working order. The tank filter should be replaced every 12 months, while gun in-line filters should be changed every three months.

3. Drain Debris From The Tank Weekly

At the end of each week, open the drain valve on the tank and release a small volume of glue (100-200g will be sufficient). This will facilitate the removal of debris that has become trapped in the tank filter, stopping the filter from becoming clogged quickly, thereby preventing the need to prematurely replace it. Make this quick and simple task a regular feature on your preventive maintenance schedule, and you could see considerable improvements in the efficiency of your equipment.

4. Clean Filters Regularly

Regularly cleaning filters can keep them in optimum condition for longer, so that replacement is only necessary at the correct time points. Our EV 60 Hot Melt Cleaner should be used weekly – simply wipe it over the surface to remove residue. It’s an effortless task that takes moments but could make a significant difference to the efficiency of your system.

Green Purge should be added to the tank so that it can circulate around the system, removing degradation and keeping the melt tank clean. This procedure can be carried out every six months, requiring no more than a few hours, and the Green Purge can be filtered back into its container for reuse.

Save Money By Cleaning Your Tank Filter

If the cost of replacing your tank filter is an obstacle to carrying out routine maintenance, you can send contaminated filter to us, and we’ll clean it thoroughly for half the price of a new filter. If it can’t be cleaned, we’ll supply you with an alternative filter for your hot melt system.

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