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At Adhesive Laundry, we supply and service a range of automatic glue feeding equipment from Valco Melton, the world’s leading manufacturer of hot melt adhesive application equipment. Automatic glue feeding machines are hot melt units, which liquefy the adhesive, before applying it to a label substrate through a roll-fed rotary press. The integrated melt and application capacity saves time and increases the efficiency of large-scale production runs, while avoiding the need to invest in multiple machines. units enable hot melt units to be automatically filled, a lid mounted sensor detects when adhesive is required and this is sucked from the storage bin and deposited into the tank. Glue tanks never run dry preventing degraded material to be sucked up by the pump and is a real health and safety advantage as it reduces the burn risk from operators manually filling the tank.

As official Valco Melton distributors for the UK, we provide a selection of auto feed modules and standalone units to suit all budgets and project requirements. Each unit comes with advanced control and automation features that make it easy for users to calibrate their machine to the requirements of their print runs, with short setup and change over time. Valco machines feature Teflon-lined adhesive tanks, which reduces cleaning time and avoids the problem of degraded adhesive and char clogging the machinery – the leading cause of premature equipment failure.

Our services

  • Market leading selection of new Valco Melton hot melt equipment
  • High quality refurbished units for sale, upgraded and retrofitted with the latest control systems, auto feeders, and user interfaces
  • Emergency and loan equipment to reduce the impact of downtime and avoid bottlenecks
  • Hot melt adhesives and consumables
  • Tank servicing, cleaning and rebuilding
  • Training and technical support


Automatic glue feeding machines are widely used in the labelling industry for foil, plastic and paper wraparound labels.

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