• H200 Adhesive Module
  • Reduced Cavity Adhesive Module
  • Zero Cavity Adhesive Module


Our catalogue includes a selection of high-performance Valco Melton modules to increase the speed, configuration options and versatility of your applicator equipment. All modules are compatible with the full Valco Melton range, as well as many OEM applicators. Please check with our team for advice if you are unsure.

Valco Melton M200 Module – The standard bead applicator module for mid-speed packaging applications. Available as both Air Open / Spring Close or Air Open / Air Close. Compatible with all Valco Melton and OEM equipment.

  • Slot coating modules – These modules deliver a precision film of hot melt adhesive for envelope, label coating and the personal hygiene sectors
  • No cavity module – For high-speed applications where clean cut off is required
  • Spray modules – Air is mixed with the adhesive to atomise the glue and give a swirl pattern. The module is used for pallet stabilisation and non-woven products
  • Electric Module- Incredibly high speed electric valve used on the EcoStitch gun, allows customers to save 50% on hot melt usage whilst improving pack security and bond
  • Mini Module- Small sized module when space is limited

Order information

Modules and other spare parts can be ordered through us directly by calling 01480 869220. You can also request advice or a free quote by filling in our enquiry form below. The Adhesive Laundry are official UK distributors for Valco Melton; we hold official spare parts for their full range of hot melt machines, in addition to standard parts compatible with a variety of other manufacturers.

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