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  • ME Adhesive Gun


High Speed packaging and graphic specialist guns can be used with a variety of hot melt systems. This gives them extensive compatibility with a range of hot melt equipment, allowing users to respond to the requirements of different applications. High Speed packaging and graphic specialist guns are used for many different tasks within the packaging, product assembly and textiles industry, combining the strength and high speed of a hot melt adhesive gun.

The ME Gun series are a high-speed gun used in packaging and graphics applications. The ME Guns are “air open and air closed” and use the ME gun module. These applicators can be used with general packaging grade and PSA Pressure sensitive adhesives.

The Valco Melton ME Series glue gun is one of the most advanced and dependable applicator in its class, with a lightweight, user-friendly design and unbeatable product strength.

  • Compatible with all industry-standard adhesive products
  • High-speed application of 2,400 cycles per minute
  • Two adjustable mounting brackets allow the ME Series to be configured to any production line set up
  • Two air input ports: horizontal and vertical
  • Pneumatic, high-speed, automatic operation

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