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5 Hot Melt Equipment Safety Rules To Make Your Business Safer


The word safety written on a chalkboard highlighting five tips for glue gun Safety.


Valco Melton equipment and other high quality adhesive dispensers are generally safe to use within the appropriate health and safety framework and with the right training. However, it’s sensible to remember that hotmelt adhesives can reach temperatures of 150 to 170°C and exit the glue gun at high pressure, and that safety precautions are always important regardless of the level of operator experience.

In this article, we’ll discuss five important safety tips to help keep your business and employees safer. If you have any questions about health and safety when operating a Valco Melton glue gun, please give us a call and we’ll talk you through best practices for your equipment.

1) Training On Health And Safety

One of the fundamental ways of keeping your business and employees safe is to ensure that all operatives are aware of the risks and know how to operate their equipment safely and correctly. Regular training on health and safety involves teaching employees about the hazards associated with glue guns and the manufacturer-approved techniques to deal with them, including how to handle their glue equipment safely and use it under different situations, and to troubleshoot problems without risking burns.

2) Use An Auto Feed System

Many burn injuries to operators occur as they are manually filling the hotmelt tank. This risk can be avoided by fitting an auto feed system, as it avoids operatives having to directly come into contact with molten glue. Our Valco Melton autofeed systems can be retro fitted to all market leading Glue Tanks.

3) Wear Protective Clothing

It is crucial to wear appropriate PPE when handling and servicing hot melt equipment, to provide adequate protection high temperatures. As a bare minimum, long sleeves should always be worn to ensure all skin is free of exposure.

4) Eye Protection And Face Shields

Eye Protection and face shields will protect the user’s full face against any unexpected glue splatter while working. The highest risk of eye injuries comes at the point of bonding, when adhesive temperatures are highest and the chance of the glue ejecting into the face is also high. Wearing goggles will protect the wearer’s eyes from serious injury.

5) Protective Gloves

Heat resistant and protective gloves are essential for protecting glue gun operators’ hands from high temperatures from contact with hotmelt adhesives. Wearing gloves not only protects  your operator’s hands but also gives them increased confidence to handle their equipment with greater care and precision.

What Next?

Beyond these general safety principles, regular maintenance of all your glue guns and hotmelt equipment is also essential for sustaining a safe workplace and minimising the risk of accidents. A hotmelt system, including the glue gun and hotmelt tank, requires regular maintenance and cleaning to keep it in optimal condition, and routine inspections should always check the gun, module and nozzle to avoid blockages. A malfunctioning or neglected glue gun poses an increased hazard to operators.

For more information about glue gun maintenance or safety guidance, please call the Adhesive Laundry today on
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