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The Adhesive Laundry Compatible Hot Melt Hoses


Hot melt glue gun with a well maintained hose.


What Does A Hot Melt Hose Do?

The hoses in your hot melt system deliver the heated glue from the reservoir to the applicators for application through the nozzles. High-quality hoses are necessary to ensure your adhesive is delivered in the right quantity and at the right speed.


What Are Common Hot Melt Hose Problems?

Problems with your hoses can include:

  • Blockage: Hoses can get blocked with contamination and old glue residue or from becoming kinked and bent with use and age, reducing or stopping glue flow.
  • Cracking: Older hoses can start to get cracked and leak. While most OEM hoses feature reinforced casings, repeated use and heating can cause them to fail over time.
  • Leaking: Industrial adhesive hoses can leak at cracks or where they attach to the module and nozzles. Over time, these joints wear out and can allow glue to leak out.

If your hot melt system isn’t functioning properly because of any of these problems, it is time to replace your hoses. Choose one of our compatible hot melt hoses to be sure you’re getting the best quality and function. At The Adhesive Laundry, we carry a wide range of replacement hot melt equipment hoses that will keep your hot melt process running smoothly.

Choosing the Right Hoses

The right aftermarket hose will include the following features:

    • Same length as your original hoses
    • Same diameter as your original hoses
    • Reinforced lining for added strength and durability
    • Flexibility for bending and installation
    • Temperature rating that suits your glue and module

When it comes time to replace your hoses due to malfunction or if you’re just looking to purchase replacement hoses for stock, you’ll find what you need here at The Adhesive Laundry. Just call us with the part number or a description of the hose and we will cross-reference it for you.

Hose Maintenance

There are some basic steps you can perform to service and maintain your hot melt hoses. Avoid kinking or bending your hoses and always route your hoses in a way that avoids sharp hose bends or pinching. Do not step on or run over your hoses. Avoid over-tightening tie straps on your hoses and do not allow the hose to rest on the floor. Following these steps will help ensure your hot melt adhesive system provides reliable service and quality gluing.

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