Hot Melt Adhesive Application and Service Specialists

About Valco Melton

Valco Melton are an industry-leading manufacturer of adhesive application equipment for a variety of sectors, including packaging, textiles, bags, envelopes, cartons/boxes, furniture, and product assembly.

Based out of Ohio, USA and Pamplona Spain Valco Melton serve customers across the world either directly, or through their network of approved distributors – such as Adhesive Laundry here in the United Kingdom.

Quality and innovation

Valco Melton are known for the quality, durability and reliability of their products, reducing downtime and repair costs, and providing a better lifetime ROI than many competing products. However, the real strength of Valco Melton, and what sets them apart from other manufacturers, is their relentless commitment to innovation, research and development.

The business invests heavily into specialised adhesive application solutions, including machinery for non-standard applications, efficient mixing tanks and precision control systems – all of which increase the value and versatility of their machinery, and make Valco Melton the trusted plant for many of the world’s leading brands.

A strong partnership for your business

Valco Melton have been in business since 1952 (although they adopted the current name in 2008), so are one of the most experienced designers and manufacturers in their field. Our relationship with Valco Melton began in [1998], when we were accredited to supply their full range of hot melt adhesive application equipment, as well as genuine spare parts, and a manufacturer-approved cleaning and rebuilding service.

Get in touch

Alongside our other supplier relationships, our partnership with Valco Melton makes Adhesive Laundry a one shop stop for all your adhesive application needs, providing a convenient and high quality service for customers in various industries. To find out more, or to request a quote for tank rebuilding and cleaning, please call 01480 869 220.