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A Quick Guide To Choosing The Right Valco Melton Hot Melt Adhesive Dispensing Equipment



Industries from packaging to furniture manufacturing require hot melt adhesives to construct and finalise various products. With so many hot melt systems available on the market, it can be difficult to know which machine is the best choice for your business. In terms of capital investment, reliability, versatility, and value for money, Valco Melton hot melt systems provide a superb ROI when put to work on a variety of applications.

The Valco Melton range includes several innovative model types to meet different output requirements and budgets.  To make it easier to decide, we’ve summarised which dispensing equipment and hot melt adhesives are useful for each common application, to guide you in the right direction.

Key Considerations

Three performance considerations when choosing a hot melt adhesive dispenser include: 1) the speed at which the adhesive is dispensed, 2) how the adhesive is dispensed, and 3) how strong the resultant bond needs to be. While this list is by no means exhaustive, when you’re using this guide as a starting point, leading with these questions will help you find the right product. Have a chat with one of our adhesive specialists for more information.

Best For: High Speed Carton Sealing

We recommend the EcoStitch guns from Valco Melton for cartons, packaging, boxes, and general, bulk scale food and drink manufacturing. It provides a high standard of results in two of the key considerations – Speed and a reduction in Hot Melt Adhesive consumption. operating at a speed of 15k cycles per minute, it also offers outstanding resistance to fibre tears for the ultimate bond strength.

Best For: Textiles And Product Assembly

The Valco Melton ME Series Double Effect glue applicator gun is ideal for applying graphics to textiles and assembling products. While it’s not as fast at the EcoStitch, its compatibility with a myriad of adhesives makes it top of its game in flexibility.

Best For: Industrial Packaging Application

For industrial purposes, beyond handguns and towards larger, automated dispensing systems designed for use on varied production lines, our recommendation is the Valco Melton EC Series unit. Versatile and reliable, the EC Series is a production workhorse, capable of long application runs without loss of performance. Parts are readily available and can be swapped out without lengthy downtime, adding up to a modest lifetime cost of ownership and excellent value for money.

How Do You Choose?

Have a chat with us if you’re in the market for a new hot melt adhesive dispenser. As official Valco Melton distribution partners, we’ll be able to direct you towards the tank or glue gun that suits your production needs, so you can be confident that your bond will hold for whatever application you’re looking for.

Image source: Pexels