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6 Commercial Applications For Hot Melt Adhesives


6 Commercial Applications For Hot Melt Adhesives


Industrial strength hot melt adhesives are cheap and versatile – but which manufactured commercial items are hot melts commonly used to seal together? Here are six of the most common applications in manufacturing:

1) Quick-Assembly, Recyclable Cardboard Boxes

The shipping packaging industry is a big user of hot glue for joint sealing. Assemblers and manufacturers use it to create strong bonds on box edges, envelopes, top seals, cap-wadding and inside-box product containers.

2) Binding Printed Books And Magazines

Without traditional weave, how are the pages in modern publications fixed in place? Thanks to up-to-date hot glue spinal applications, full printed books are bound quickly, cheaply, and in a way that’ll stand the test of time – all without damaging the pages.

3) Sticking Product Labels And Covers

Sometimes, manufacturers need to attach a pre-printed external label to their boxes or the product itself. With certain products, such as bottles and canning, it’s all but impossible to print directly on to the surface. Enter hot glue – adhesive applicators can attach strong-bond labels to almost any substrate material and surface shape.

4) Making Hygienic, Disposable Medical Items

Bandage, tampon, and medical pad manufacturers all regularly use hot glue to create safe, sterile, degradable seals. Precise, hot-melted joins have helped biomedical experts make seamless, metal-free absorbing disposables that stay sterile, hygienic, and safe to use against human skin.

5) Bonding Non-Conducting Electronics Internals

One serious problem with sealing up electronics is that plastic mouldings and metal need to fit together without the risk of a conductive bridge or the piece falling apart. While screws can bridge the gap, hot glue also helps. Melted contact seals are used around more delicate circuit boards and machine claddings to create layered ‘tiers’ to save space, and ensure build strength.

6) Locking Together Woodwork

Screws and locking joints aren’t the only options on the market when it comes to commercial woodwork. Specially-rated, melt-on hot glue can form a durable, long-lasting bond that seals pieces together or reinforces existing carpentry to give finished wooden pieces greater integrity.

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