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How Can I Cut Down My Annual Spend On My HMS?


Kube Compact Unit


Kube Compact Unit

How can I cut down my annual spend on my HMS?

Hot Melt Systems have a tendency to become quite problematic. Whether it’s due to frequent use or if there is a lack of routine maintenance, this can lead to small problems such as a burnt adhesive, blocked components, in-efficient glue dispensing and larger issues such as Tank Pumps getting damaged – this can become costly to fix. There are however a easy steps that you can take do that will prevent this and in turn help cut down your annual spend.


One of the regular maintenance activities you should be undertaking is the changing of your in-line filters at least every 3 months. Your tank filter should be changed annually too. This is to ensure that the build-up of any residue does not work its way into other components within the system and cause more damage.

The Adhesive Laundry top tip: Rather than the expensive process of buying a new tank filter, send your current one to us and we will recondition it for a third of the cost of buying a new one.

Gluing System

To avoid a backlog of degraded material and residue working its way into your system and causing breakdown scenarios, simply prevent this by draining the tank of its glue and flushing the tank with a purging liquid.

The Adhesive Laundry top tip: Why not take a look at our ‘Green Purge’ flushing liquid? As well as being super effective for getting rid of all the unnecessary junk and waste in your cleaning system, our unique formula is also environmentally friendly. A win-win solution!


It’s to be expected but your glue nozzles will get blocked at some point. Rather than spending costly amounts buying replacement parts whenever they get blocked, instead simply send them to us for cleaning. Once cleaned we will ship them back to you on a next day service to be re-used on your Gluing Line.

The Adhesive Laundry top tip: We’ll only ever charge you for the nozzles that we are 100% satisfied with. Thanks to our environmentally friendly nozzle cleaning process. If Nozzle blockages continue to happen it could be apparent that there are other issues with your HMS.

Browse the Adhesive Laundry website today for a full breakdown of the services and parts offered. Between us, The Adhesive Laundry’s team boasts more than 80 years of experience in the HMS industry, so we’re among the best companies in the country to trust your beloved HMS with. Get in touch today for more information.