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Why You Should Clean Your Hot Melt Equipment (And How We Can Help)


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From time to time, all adhesive application equipment will require cleaning. If you use a hot glue dispensing system on your production line, you’ll know that unforeseen downtime has potentially serious consequences in terms of production delays and additional costs. Regular maintenance of your adhesive application equipment is essential to maximise uptime and preventing major complications from arising, so that your production line can continue to produce at the desired rate. Regular cleaning and maintenance also helps to sustain the quality of your adhesive by removing char and waste products from the hotmelt tank, improving product quality and reducing wastage.


The Importance Of Cleaning

Hot melt glue systems should be cleaned regularly to prevent nozzle blockages. Over time, the gradual accumulation of dry and degraded glue in nozzles can cause the system to clog up and, if the problem is not attended to promptly, the entire hot melt system could fail. When you rely on automated adhesive dispensing systems on your production line, this could cause significant and costly delays.

Making Glue Gun Cleaning Part Of Your Preventive Maintenance

Glue gun cleaning should be a central part of your programme of preventive maintenance. This will ensure that old glue deposits, grease, and compacted dust are removed before they block your system, and also allow you to spot any signs that other components are in need of replacement.

Preventive maintenance is crucial to protecting your production line from time-consuming and costly problems and will ensure that your entire system is operational – reducing unplanned downtime and improving efficiency.

Key Steps To A Problem-Free Hot Melt System

You should also complete the following steps to keep your hot glue melt system in prime condition:

  • Use the correct manufacturer-approved glue for your system, at the right temperature, avoiding cheaper non-compatible alternatives.
  • Change the tank filler every 12 months.
  • Replace in-line filters every three months.

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