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4 Ways To Avoid Glue Build Up In Your Hot Melt System


glue coming out of a bottle that will be used in a hot melt system


Degraded adhesive build-up, “char” is a common issue in all hot melt systems. This can be caused by several factors, including material incompatibility, application conditions, and frequency of system maintenance. The good news is that there are several things you can do to prevent or mitigate adhesive build-up before it causes problems with your system.

1. Use The Right Adhesive Product For Your Application.

Make sure the hot melt adhesive you’re using is compatible with the substrates you’re bonding and the conditions under which the bond will be subjected (temperature, moisture, etc.). If you’re not sure which adhesive product to use. This will be mentioned on any of the Glues packaging.

2. Apply The Adhesive At The Correct Temperature.

Applying adhesive at too high or too low a temperature can cause it to thicken or thin and not perform as expected. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for application temperature to ensure optimal performance.

3. Use An Appropriate Size And Type Of Nozzle.

The size and type of nozzle you use can impact the flow rate and pattern of the adhesive, which can in turn affect how well the adhesive bonds to the substrate. Choose a nozzle that will provide an even coverage.

4. Keep Your System Clean.

Adhesives can harden and clog up hoses, modules, and other parts of the hot melt system if they’re not cleaned out on a regular basis. Perform regular maintenance according to the manufacturer’s recommendations to keep your system running smoothly and prevent adhesive build-up.

Cleaning And Maintenance Services From The Adhesive Laundry

Adhesive build-up is a universal problem in hot melt systems, but it doesn’t have to become the cause of unscheduled repairs or downtime. We offer a professional cleaning, maintenance, and repair service to help businesses get the best value from their hot melt equipment, avoiding costly downtime and regularly removing degraded adhesive before it becomes a problem. To find out more, please get in touch.


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