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6 Signs You Need A New Hot Melt Hose


New hot melt hoses


If your business uses hot melt adhesive equipment in its production line, then you’ll know how important it is to have a functioning hot melt hose to transfer the molten glue from the tank to the Applicating Gun. Regular inspection and maintenance will help extend the life of your hot melt hoses and tank components, but over time, hoses do wear out and as a general rule we recommend using a hose for a maximum of 5 years. It is always more cost-effective to replace a degraded hose in advance before it fails, as unexpected hose failure could damage your other equipment, as well as causing expensive downtime while the situation is resolved.


Here are five signs that your hot melt hose may need replacing:

1. Visible Damage.

If there is visible damage to your hose, it is definitely time to invest in a new one as it could become an imminent safety concern.

2. The Hose Is Leaking.

If you notice that your hot melt hose is leaking adhesive, it needs to be replaced as soon as possible. A leaky hose can cause a variety of serious problems, from wasted adhesive to dangerous clean-up issues, and the risk of injury to operatives from high temperature adhesives. Don’t take chances with a known leaking hose – replace it as soon as possible during scheduled maintenance.

3. The Hose Is Kinking.

If your hot melt hose is starting to kink or bend, it’s a sign that the internal liner is beginning to break down. A kinked hose can reduce the flow of adhesive and cause clogs, increasing the build-up of degraded adhesive within your gun. It’s best to replace the hose before it becomes completely unusable. We also recommend stripping and cleaning any hotmelt tanks attached to a kinked hose to remove char before it accumulates to dangerous levels.

4. The Flow Rate Has Decreased.

If it’s taking longer for adhesive to flow through the hose, it could indicate that the internal lining of the hose has broken down due, or that the hose has become partially clogged by char. This can seriously affect your production output and cost per unit, so don’t hesitate to replace the hose if you notice this problem.

5. The Hose Is Hard To Clean.

If you find that your hot glue gun is leaving behind residue after each use, it’s probably because the liner of the hose is breaking down and shedding particles into the adhesive. This not only makes your equipment harder to clean but can also contaminate your products, leading to expensive wastage. Replace the hose to avoid these problems

6. You’re Constantly Replacing Nozzle Tips.

If you’re regularly having to replace nozzle tips because they become clogged, it’s probably due to built-up degraded adhesive inside the hose itself, rather than the tank. In this case, you’ll benefit from replacing the entire hose, and then stripping and cleaning the tank to fully resolve the problem.

Spare Parts And Hoses From The Adhesive Laundry

Hot melt hoses are an essential piece of equipment for decent dispensing equipment, but they don’t last forever. If you notice any of these five signs, you should consider replacing your hot melt hose. At The Adhesive Laundry, we stock a variety of spare parts for hot melt equipment, including hoses, in-line filters, and hotmelt nozzles. Please contact our technical sales team to place an order, or to discuss your requirements in person.


Image source: Valco Melton