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How To Reduce Electricity Costs On Your Hot Melt System In 2023


EC Kube Series hot melt system that helps to reduce electricity costs in 2023


This year, as you know, electricity costs are higher than ever and even big businesses are feeling the pinch. But every little helps, so in order to help control those surging bills, here are the little ways you can reduce costs on your hot melt system in 2023…


How To Reduce Electricity Costs On Your Hot Melt System In 2023:

There are two main things that we recommend you do this year to save money on running your hot melt system.

1. Upgrade

Whichever model of tank you’re currently using it, it’s unlikely to compare to the latest EC Kube series.

If you were to switch to the EC Kube Series, this tank runs at 30% lower wattage and operates at increased efficiency. This latest generation of tank melters are far more energy efficient, with improved insulation that cuts right down on heat loss. They are available in a range of sizes which makes them very easy to configure and suitable for just about any application. You can also use them in tandem with all of our other equipment – both previous and updated – so replacements and spares are simple to deal with, too. The EC Kube series come with up to 8 outputs, and you can install the FlexFlow control to keep track of exactly how much adhesive is being used and cut down on wastage.

2. Standby

It’s very common for warehouses and factories to leave tanks running overnight or in-between jobs, simply to avoid the hassle of having to wait for them to reheat back up again when they need to use them. But melters come with a ‘standby’ button for a reason – it’ll save you a lot of money. When you switch your tank to standby, it’ll stop heating, but it won’t cool completely either. The temperature of the tank, hose and gun drop to 50-70% of the usage temperature which saves significant amounts of energy. If you then need to start it back up again, it will only take 20 minutes to heat back up, and it won’t cook the glue in the meantime.

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