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2 Most Common Issues With Glue Pumps And How To Solve Them


a glue pump


Glue pumps are a key component within a Hot Melt Tank and are critical to the dispensing of Molten Hot Melt Adhesive. However, glue pumps can sometimes experience mechanical problems. In this article, we look at two common issues with commercial glue pumps and how to resolve them.


Problem: The Pump Is Leaking Glue.

Solution: This problem is our most common and often caused by damaged or broken seals inside the pump, and sometimes by a cracked hotmelt reservoir. In the case of a faulty O-ring, you’ll see lots of glue leaking out from the tank. A cracked or leaking reservoir, however, will normally need professional attention – we recommend contacting a specialist repair service if you suspect serious structural damage to your hotmelt tank.

Problem: The Pump Is Making Strange Noises.

Solution: Unusually loud or grinding noises can be caused by several different issues, the most common being a ball bearing moving when it shouldn’t. These should be investigated as soon as possible, as they are a common red flag for an impending fault. Don’t wait for a component to fail and cause unscheduled downtime: it’s best (and cheapest) send your tank with pump attached to a professional for diagnosis and repair. They may be able to repair or replace individual components or rectify the situation before it compromises your hotmelt system itself and requires more expensive repairs, or even a full replacement.

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Regular planned maintenance and repairs can help spread the cost of servicing and lower your lifetime cost of ownership and also give you better control over when to plan downtime around your production schedule. To find out more, or if you suspect a fault with your hotmelt equipment, please call Adhesive Laundry today on 01480 775815.