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How to Update Your Hot Melt Systems and How It Can Help Your Manufacturing Process



Optimising your production line is one of the most effective steps you can take to improve your business’s output and turnover. For manufacturers who use holt melt systems, keeping them updated is key to achieving more efficient processes which, in turn, increases productivity.

Productivity is a key indicator of the level of performance within a business. All improvements to productivity will have welcome effects on your competitiveness in the market and increase your profitability.

Review Your Workflow

An important principle to remember when you’re considering ways to increase productivity in manufacturing is that you need to take stock of the existing situation before you can identify changes.

In particular, you should consider:

  • Staff: do your workforce have the skills and experience required on the production line? Is your management team set up to facilitate effective project management, particularly when problems emerge? Does your team understand and share your business’s ethos and aims?
  • Processes: Which processes work effectively and which are subject to pinch points? Have you audited your processes recently to assess how well they work?
  • Equipment: Are your hot melt systems in good working order and able to deliver the dispensing rate you need for optimum workflow? Do you experience regular technical problems, such as blockages? Do you have an effective preventive maintenance plan in action?

Update Technology

With an action plan drawn up for improving workflow, you can focus on overhauling your equipment where necessary.

Improving your equipment can drastically improve the rate of production, particularly if familiar problems affect the fluency on the manufacturing line. Automating processes can be a valuable tool for boosting efficiency and freeing staff from manual tasks. However, updating your equipment doesn’t necessarily mean replacing entire units. Often, regular maintenance and cleaning can make a world of difference, increasing output and reducing downtime.

Invest in preventive maintenance

Preventive maintenance ensures that worn components can be replaced at a convenient time before major breakdowns occur, while simple problems, such as blockages in glue gun nozzles, can be remedied. The ongoing cost of a scheduled maintenance programme is certain to be less than the financial damage caused by unexpected downtime.

While it’s important to train your staff to recognise the warning signs of an impending problem, an expert maintenance partner can ensure that your hot melt systems are in optimum condition.

Train your staff

Finally, educating your employees to carry out simple maintenance and cleaning in house will help to keep the production line in smooth running order. In hot melt systems, simply removing nozzles from hot glue guns while they are still warm can protect against accidental damage to the threads, preventing premature replacement of the applicators.

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