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How To Clean Hot Melt Glue Gun Nozzles (Or Let Us Instead)



A blocked nozzle is a common problem in hot melt adhesive systems, but it’s frustrating when it occurs as it prevents the application of glue in the production process.


Regular hot melt nozzle cleaning is the most effective and long-lasting solution, as part of a scheduled programme of preventive maintenance. This ensures that debris and dried glue fragments are properly removed from the system, whereas a temporary or careless attempt at cleaning is unlikely to solve the problem for long.

How To Clean Glue Gun Nozzles

Before considering how to properly clean hot melt glue nozzles, let’s firstly consider how some manufacturing teams deal with the problem.

  • The first sign of a blockage in the nozzle of a glue gun is a weak or absent flow of adhesive from the tip. When this happens, a site engineer may be summoned, who will often remove the nozzle and insert a needle, believing this will clear the contamination.
  • Instead, the debris causing the obstruction in the line is simply pushed further back into the nozzle or the hotmelt tank, so when the system is restarted, the blockage recurs.
  • The engineer’s only choice is to obtain a new nozzle. If this is readily obtainable, total downtime ranges from 30 minutes to a couple of hours. If a new nozzle has to be ordered, the system may be inoperable until the follow day.

So, how can our professional cleaning services help?

Instead of spending time trying to clean the nozzle, the engineer simply removes it and replaces it with a clean one from stock. This takes no more than one minute, so the hot glue adhesive system can be immediately restarted.

At Adhesive Laundry, we will professionally clean dirty glue nozzles, ensuring that all degraded char materials and compacted glue is completely removed. This allows your on-site engineers to maintain a stock of clean nozzles which they can use as soon as a blockage occurs, without extensive downtime.

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