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5 Tips For Essential Maintenance Of Your Hot Melt Adhesive System


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Correct maintenance of your hot melt adhesive system is essential for optimum performance and to lengthen the lifespan of your equipment, however, an incomplete or untimely maintenance schedule can lead to components clogging up, causing the system to run inefficiently or to cease working altogether.

To ensure this doesn’t happen to you, here are five essential maintenance tips to keep your hot melt system continuing to operate effectively and efficiently for a long time to come.

Number One; Be Proactive And Keep On Top Of Preventative Maintenance

Simple preventative steps can make a significant difference when it comes to keeping your hot melt system in working order. This includes creating a preventative maintenance schedule and ensuring proactive tasks such as cleaning the nozzles after every use is done, as this will prevent clogging. Being proactive saves considerable amounts of time, and prevents costly expenses being paid out to get little things fixed.

Number Two; Be Sure To Replace Filters Periodically

Timely replacement can ensure the hot melt system remains in efficient working order all year round. Remember to make a note of when each filter needs to be replaced – the tank filter should be replaced every twelve months, whereas the gun in-line filters need to be changed every three months.

Number Three; Drain Debris From The Tank Weekly

At the end of each week, open the drain valve on the tank and release a small amount of glue; we recommend around 100-200g. This will stop the tank filter from becoming clogged too quickly, and prevent the need to replace it prematurely. Make sure to add this task to your preventative maintenance schedule so you and your team can make sure it’s being done.

Number Four; As Well As Replacing Your Filter Periodically, Be Sure That Your Filters Are Being Cleaned Regularly

Keeping your filters clean will make replacement only necessary at those periodic time intervals. Every week, simply wipe over the surface of the filter to remove the residue. It’s as quick and easy as that, and will make all the difference in efficiency. In addition to cleaning your filters, you can add Green Purge to the tank to circular around the system every six months, removing degradation and keeping the tank clean. This takes no more than a few hours, and can be filtered back into its container afterward for reuse.

Number Five; If The Cost Of Replacing Your Tank Filter Is An Obstacle To Carrying Out Routine Maintenance, You Can Always Send Your Contaminated Filter To Us

We’ll be sure to clean it thoroughly for half the price of a new filter. If it can’t be cleaned however, don’t worry, as we’ll supply you with an alternative filter for your hot melt system instead.

We hope you found our top tips for maintaining your hot melt adhesive system useful. If you would like more information or want to talk to one of our specialists, don’t hesitate to give us a call and we’ll make sure to help.

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