• Kube Compact Unit
  • Kube Compact Unit
  • Kube Compact Unit


The biggest production problem with hot melt application equipment is degraded adhesive accumulating in the tank, pumps and components. This can reduce efficiency and cause equipment failure, leading to expensive downtime and repairs.

The Valco Melton Kube is specifically designed to avoid adhesive degradation and increase production efficiency on packaging production lines. The Kube is an enclosed hot melt and dispensing system with an auto feeder that keeps dust, dirt and other contaminants out of the hot melt tank – thus preventing the contamination that leads to adhesive degradation. The unit comes with an integrated applicator and a variety of optional components, making the Kube one of the most adaptable machines in its class. has a 1 kilo capacity hot melt chamber and yet is capable of melting 9-14 kilos of adhesive per hour.

At Adhesive Laundry, we provide new and refurbished Kube units, alongside a comprehensive stock of OEM spare parts, and manufacturer-approved cleaning, rebuilding, maintenance, and refurbishing services.

The Kube can be installed onto new machinery at our workshop, or retrofitted to existing equipment.

Features & Benefits

  • The auto feeder drip feeds adhesive into the melt tank, avoiding overuse and ensuring a stable feed rate and minimal char build-up
  • Up to 9 kg per hour melting capacity
  • Automatic feeding keeps contaminants out of your hot melt tank and avoids the problem of plugged nozzles
  • Automatic pressure dump for improved operator safety
  • Compatible with all industry-standard hoses, glue guns and spare parts
  • Attachment ports for up to 6 guns and hoses
  • Multifunction control panel with input and output options for all PLC connections, alarms, auto feeders, and PID temperature control systems
  • Three mount configurations available (panel, compact and split – please get in touch for further information)


The Valco Melton Kube is suitable for all packaging assembly production lines, especially cartons and boxes.

What next?

At Adhesive Laundry, we supply new and refurbished adhesive application equipment, including the Valco Melton Kube, supporting products and consumables. For help choosing the right unit for your application, or for a free quote, give us a call today.

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