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Why Is Regular Hot Melt Unit Maintenance Important?



One major challenge facing hot melt units is the build-up of degraded adhesives. These compromise the quality and quantity of the adhesives produced and could also clog the hose and lead to certain component failures. Unfortunately for businesses using hot melt units, the build-up of degraded adhesives is inevitable.

Organisations are therefore left to choose between Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) or waiting until the system breaks down for them to take action. The first option is preferable since unscheduled downtime will cost a business more than planned maintenance. Below we discuss the four main advantages of regular hot melt unit maintenance.

1) Increases Equipment Life And Efficiency

Keeping your hot melt unit clean and free from degraded adhesives will ensure it retains maximum productivity and a longer life span. If the degraded adhesives are allowed to accumulate, the system could clog and eventually stop working. Charred adhesives contaminating the hot melt can also reduce the efficiency of the adhesives and could lead to defective products and glue bonds.

2) Operator And Equipment Safety

Performing routine maintenance reduces the likelihood of operator injury. Injuries mostly occur when a piece of equipment becomes defective and the operator tries to fix it while still in use. Since the hot melt unit handles material at high temperature, accidents can result in serious injuries from burns.

3) Reduces Wastages And Downtime

Unplanned downtime due to the breakdown of equipment is very wasteful. When important kit goes offline it interrupts the production cycle and could result in loss of sales and customers. It is better to schedule for routine maintenance on your own terms as this will allow you to prepare in advance.

4) Reduced Overtime Costs

The breakdown of machinery often results in staff members having to work extra hours to complete the day’s target. This comes at an extra cost as the extra hours have to be accounted for. By scheduling preventative maintenance for less busy times, you get better control over your shift patterns and expenses.

What Next?

At Adhesive Laundry, we offer a range of hot melt maintenance, cleaning and rebuild services, to keep your equipment running at full capacity and avoid the problems of char build-up. To request a quote or find out more, give us a call today.

Image source: Unsplash