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What Is An Automatic Glue Feeder and What Is It Used For?



As the need to make smaller and more complex products more efficiently keeps growing, manufacturers are embracing automated assembly lines, and it takes revolutionary technology like automatic hot glue dispensers to make this happen.

An automatic glue dispenser is a hot melt adhesive component that can be pre-programmed to operate without direct supervision from a machine operator. Like other hot melt systems, the glue feeder melts solid adhesive and then transfers it from a container to a supply unit, which then applies it to a substrate through a rotary press. The result is a sturdy, durable, well-bound, and high-quality product.

What Are Automatic Glue Dispenser Machines Used For?

Automatic glue dispensers are widely used in the labelling and packaging industries to bond a variety of materials, and its use in foil and plastic packaging processes is well established.

But as the industry changes, manufacturing is slowly giving way to more eco-friendly options. These days, an automatic hot glue dispenser is mostly used for making rigid boxes, mailer boxes, wraparound paper packaging, and for gluing cover paper products.

Advantages of Automatic Glue Dispensing Machines

As with any other auto-feed system, hot melt adhesive machines are known for output quality, cost-effectiveness, time-efficiency, and easy maintenance, among others. Here are some of the best reasons to invest in an automatic glue dispenser machine:

1) It removes an operator from the adhesive supply unit, which reduces labour costs and overheads.

2) It dispenses hot melt ‘on-demand’ so that the adhesive supply unit is always at prime capacity, which helps reduce equipment downtime and streamlines the process.

3) It does away with manual refills, which eliminates adhesive spills, carbonisation, and thermal shock, while also reducing fatigue and improving safety for the operators. As the paper and glue are fed in tandem, it removes bottlenecks and helps maximise productivity.

4) It reduces system contamination, and it minimises the risk of nozzle clogging.

5) It usually features automatic temperature control, state-of-the-art sensors, 24-hour timers, tank capacity indicators, and various alarms.

6) It’s very versatile and it lends itself to a variety of applications and materials.

7) It’s precise, reliable, and easy-to-use, ensuring consistency and repeatability.

8) It can be moved across workstations and labs with minimal disruption,

9) It provides a cleaner and safer working environment overall.

10) It can be retro-fitted to all leading brands of Hot Melt Machinery manufacturers.

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One of the benefits of investing in an automatic glue dispenser is the fact that it’s low maintenance, but with time, degraded adhesive may build up, clog your hot melt adhesive machines, and potentially stop the entire production line.

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