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How You Can Save Money On Hot Melt Spare Parts With The Adhesive Laundry



Hot melt equipment maintenance and repairs can be an expensive but necessary aspect of operating a production line. Unforeseen downtime is costly and can cause production bottlenecks, so keeping tight reins on your maintenance budget can help to balance the need for cost-effective repairs with uninterrupted production.

Save Money On Your Hot Melt Spare Parts

At The Adhesive Laundry, we believe that you shouldn’t have to pay over the odds for your hot melt replacement parts. Neither, however, should you accept lower standards, so we blend cost-efficiency with quality to help keep your production line up and running.

By purchasing your hot melt parts from The Adhesive Laundry, you can benefit from:

  • Same day dispatch: when you need a new part for your equipment, you can’t afford to be waiting for days for it to arrive. At The Adhesive Laundry, we offer same-day dispatch on all in-stock items, so your new part will arrive promptly, enabling you to quickly resume normal operations.
  • Quality, warranted alternative parts: by investing in high-quality, warranted alternative parts for your hot glue system, you benefit from significant cost savings, without having to worry that you’re opting for second best. All our parts are offered with a manufacturer’s warranty so, in the unlikely event that something goes wrong, you can be reassured that we’ll put the situation right.
  • Attractive savings on all parts: by purchasing your hot melt spare parts from us, you can enjoy up to 50 per cent savings, without compromising on quality.

Contact The Adhesive Laundry To Find Out More

Our knowledgeable experts are ready to assist you with your hot melt spare parts enquiry, so please give us a call on 01480 772067 or send us a message and we’ll be pleased to assist you straight away.

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