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How Often Should You Replace Filters In Your Hot Melt System?


Kube Compact Unit


Kube Compact Unit

To ensure that your hot melt system continues working to its optimum levels, it’s important to make sure that the filters get replaced. But how often should this happen? Here we answer your questions:

Why Do I Need To Change My Filters?

If you fail to ever change any of the filters in your hot melt system, they will eventually become blocked and reduce the flow of adhesive through the rest of the system.

There are two types of filters – the most common one being the Tank filter which is normally located on the side of the Glue Tank. There are also filters that can be incorporated to the System in between the Hose and Gun, which is called an ‘In-Line’ Filter. This is a last line of defence to prevent degraded hot melt working its way into the gun and causing nozzle blockages.

It’s important to make sure that your system and its equipment is cleaned at least every three months to keep it running to its optimum efficiency. If you change to a different adhesive, you should also make sure the system is drained entirely and cleaned.

How Will I Know When My Filters Need Changing?

Most Pumps operate using 2/3 bar air pressure. However, if you find yourself needing to turn it up to a considerably higher pressure to get enough glue out of the tank, you can assume that the flow has been reduced due to a blockage in the filters, indicating that they may need replacing.

In general your tank filter should be replaced on a yearly basis and the in line filters should be changed every three months. If your company wants to avoid downtime, we recommend keeping at least two filter assemblies maintained so that a clean one can be installed while the dirty one is being cleaned. This way, your hot melt system will never be out of use.

The tank filter needs to be replaced less regularly, but should still be changed every 12 months.

How Do I Change My Filters?

In the old days, changing the filters on a hot melt system was a big job, so it often didn’t get done. However, you can now make use of quick-change in line filters, making it a 30-second task. Here at Adhesive Laundry, we can help your company change your filters, so don’t hesitate to get in touch for guidance. We also sell replacement parts for your hot melt systems.