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How Automated Adhesive Dispensers Can Revolutionise Your Production Line And Save You Money



Manual adhesive dispensers on mass production lines are prone to fluctuating joins, incoherent adhesive consistency, slowdowns, and sudden sub-standard performance, resulting in inconsistent end pieces.

Automating your glue dispensing process using computer-controlled technology is one way to get around these tricky issues. Automation saves your employees from wasting time on dreary, fiddly assembly, allows huge production chains to be managed and fine-tuned remotely, and improves the accuracy and efficiency of each seal. Automation can also reduce your spend per item, make your production floor safer, and allow more time for scheduled maintenance on the dispensing units.

How Does Automated Adhesion Work?

Automatic dispensers are CNC-managed, moving robot glue guns. They’re programmed by product designers to deposit and make the same join over and over without stopping. A tank-fed, hot-process glue gun is steadily moved across a fixed, sensor-scanned 2D-axis sealant ‘plane’ while pieces are fed in and removed from the processing plate at the right time by hand, conveyor belt, or a third arm.

Electromechanical instructions sent to the dispenser can change the strength, shape, and consistency of the glue used for each seal. Automated adhesion can also achieve smaller, precise glued micro-connections that would be all but impossible for manual operators. Changing the variables and timings for each product and join gives the machine flexible compatibility and millimetre-level precision capabilities.

While they are usually more expensive to purchase and set up than manual handguns, automatic booms will eventually pay for themselves through increased speed, efficiency, stamina, and reliability over human workers.

What Are The Advantages Of Using Robotic Adhesive Dispensers?

  • ‘Patterned’ Glue Dispensing – Robot arms can create periodic, dot-matrix patterns, ideal for fast sequential assembly.
  • Less Time Lost, Better Maintenance Checks – More productivity means more downtime to fix, tune, and modify any underperforming or broken machines.
  • Far Longer, Faster Runtimes – Completely automated lines can run overnight and during off-peak times, increasing output, sales, and productivity.
  • Full ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) Compatibility – Many automatic dispensers are run, monitored, and tuned from a centrally-connected terminal or remote access login dashboard as a single, connected network of machines.
  • Minimal Staff Required – With full automated digitisation and remote access in place, only critical maintenance staff and security need to stay on-site to monitor the dispensers.
  • Better-Quality Product Assembly and Finishing – Machine-made glue seals are consistent, precise, and tightly-bound. Attention to detail raises the consumer appreciation and real profit margin on each dispenser-made product.

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