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Why Hot Melt Glue Systems Need Regular Cleaning & Servicing



Like all equipment on the production line, hot melt adhesive dispensing equipment needs regular service and cleaning. For plant managers, there’s a choice: carry out maintenance on a reactive basis, for example when the machine happens not to be in use or a mechanical problem develops or integrate it as part of a planned programme of preventive cleaning maintenance.

If minimising downtime is a priority, then taking proactive steps to clean and service your glue dispensing system and hotmelt tanks is essential.

What We’ve Found In Hot Melt Glue Systems

At The Adhesive Laundry, we have over thirty years of experience of servicing and cleaning automated adhesive dispensing systems for our customers – but we never fail to be surprised by what we discover lurking in their equipment. Over the years, we have removed all sorts of objects from glue tanks, including nuts, bolts, and screws; cans and glass; staples and cable ties; tea, sugar, cake, and even pie!

Over time, it’s natural for foreign objects to find their way into the system but, if left unchecked, these could cause major problems that lead to extended periods of downtime. More often, however, the cause of blocked nozzles and hotmelt systems is degraded adhesive, or char. This builds up over time as a natural consequence of heating and cooling in the system, and can first reduce the flow of adhesive, and then cause quality issues due to air bubbles in the glue – before finally blocking the flow altogether.

Most degraded material in a hot melt glue system can be found in the manifold so, at Adhesive Laundry, we remove this and thoroughly clean it of debris before a new filter is fitted.

Giving Your Glue Tank A New Lease Of Life

As well as cleaning and rebuilding pumps, nozzles, guns, and modules, we overhaul tanks to ensure every last fragment of degraded material is removed. After a thorough clean and re-insulation, the tank will remain in excellent working condition for at least five years, giving you peace of mind that your hot melt adhesive system won’t suddenly develop a critical blockage.

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