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Why Is Regular Hot Melt Unit Maintenance Important?

One major challenge facing hot melt units is the build-up of degraded adhesives. These compromise the quality and quantity of the adhesives produced and could also clog the hose and... Read More

Why Are Degraded Adhesives Such A Big Problem?

In the manufacturing industry, the original equipment effectiveness (OEE) has a significant impact on the success of a product. Downtime of vital equipment reduces the OEE, impacting productivity and leading... Read More

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How Do I Safely Drain A Hot Melt Adhesive System?

A Hot Melt System (HMS), will need draining whenever a new type of glue is used in the system. Thorough drainage – which is simply releasing the glue from the... Read More

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A Comprehensive Hot Melt Unit Maintenance Checklist

Regular maintenance prevents the build-up of degraded adhesive ‘char’ around the tank, hoses, and guns /nozzles of hot melt adhesive systems. This, in turn, ensures the quality of the adhesive,... Read More

Kube Compact Unit

How Can I Cut Down My Annual Spend On My HMS?

How can I cut down my annual spend on my HMS? Hot Melt Systems have a tendency to become quite problematic. Whether it’s due to frequent use or if there... Read More

How To Prevent Stringing In Hot Melt Adhesives

If you regularly use holt melt adhesives in your business, you’ll know that a careful, measured approach to application is advisable. Carelessness or inefficiency can be wasteful, increase your costs... Read More

7 Efficiency & Safety Tips For Using A Hot Melt Adhesive System

Hot melt adhesive systems (HMS) have been a mainstay of production lines in a variety of businesses for many years, due to their, efficiency, reliability and versatility. These machines provide... Read More